Hatchimal Colleggtibles - 12 Pack Egg Carton Season 3

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Hatch and collect all new Season Three Hatchimals CollEGGtibles with the 12-pack Egg Carton! With over 100 new friends to hatch and collect, you can find Best Friends (cute friends who connect), Twins (two Hatchimals CollEGGtibles in one egg) and sweet Squads inside a periwinkle egg carton! To meet your new friends, lift the glittery lid and start hatching! Use your love and care to warm the egg until the heart on the shell changes color! Now press down to crack the shell and see your CollEGGtible! Each egg carton comes with one of four exclusive Newtnats! Once you’ve hatched all your new friends, use the egg carton as a carrying case to take them everywhere you go! Hatch a whole world with the 12-Pack Egg Carton!

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