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Meet the Hatchi Babies. These magical creatures are hidden in colorful, speckled eggs, but they have a secret ... They stay babies forever! Super cool and super soft, these Hatchi Babies have even more surprises than ever hidden in their eggs. They can not come out without you! Will you hatch a boy or a girl? Broil your egg and discover the Hatchi-Baby Foxfin. 

About Hatchibabies
To find out what is in your magical egg, you must give your Hatchi Babies a lot of love. When they hear you, they respond with cute sounds. The more you play with these babies, the sooner they are ready to incubate! Place the egg on a table and see the egg moving! If you see rainbow eyes shining through the bowl, you know your Hatchi-Baby is ready to come out - but your Hatchi-Baby needs your help! Rub the egg to encourage it.

When Hatchi-Baby comes out of the egg, their big, color-changing eyes will tell you how they feel. The beak moves and Hatchi-Baby rocks back and forth with pleasure. In the egg there are also four interactive accessories hidden: a rattle, a bottle, a hairbrush and a cuddle friend! Use them to feed, farm, tickle and cuddle your baby! 

The more you play, the more reactions you unlock! Teach your baby to talk or play new games, such as "kiek-a-boe!" The best thing is: these Hatchimals remain babies forever! 


  • Discover Hatchi-Baby Foxfin.
  • The Hatchi Babies remain babies forever.
  • Broaden the egg and get to know this cute little creature.
  • The egg hides four interactive accessories: a rattle, bottle, hairbrush and a cuddle friend.
  • Learn to talk to your Hatchi-Baby or play new games, such as '' kiek-a-boe! 
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