The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention. Anonymous

A children’s winter holiday outreach programme at Durban’s BAT Centre received an extra dose of excitement when the much-loved toy store – Toys R Us South Africa – paid them a surprise visit.

THE BAT Centre, a hub of arts, crafts and entertainment invites underprivileged children from Durban and surrounding areas to its annual Holiday Programme between 18 June and 5 July, with the aim of exposing them to music, arts, sports and infotainment activities centred around education in a safe and fun environment.

Children can participate in activities connected to arts and education, in order to discover their creative potential, learn how to express themselves and integrate with groups of children from different backgrounds.

The programme is aimed at children between the ages of four and 16 years and attracts kids from local settlements in South Beach, Point, Albert Park, St George’s, Clairwood, Burnwood and the CBD.

As part of the retailers TRUper initiative, which aims to carry out more good deeds in communities in need, staff representing the brand visited the kids involved in the programme this week. And to make their experience more enjoyable, Toys R Us donated an impressive range of educational toys, board games, as well as outdoor activity packs to keep the kids entertained.

Programme co-ordinator, Amanda Mbadlanyana, expressed gratitude to the Toys R Us TRUpers saying the kids were “over the moon” when they spotted the brightly coloured branding.

“They were ecstatic when they recognised who was visiting. It truly made their day as some of these kids have never had the experience of a toy store before. It is these wonderful gestures from such corporates that make our work worthwhile. Thank you Toys R Us for your support and adding sunshine to our kids programme,” said Mbadlanyana.

The BAT Centre serves as a platform to promote volunteerism and mentorship activities to help initiate the creative process of children. This programme is designed to facilitate children to learn the valuable skills of thinking creatively and learning to take risks and problem solving. It serves as lifelong skills and characteristics, which are taught through art and can be useful and valuable regardless of whatever career path one may choose to undertake later in life.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with the children attending the programme at BAT Centre. Toys R Us is committed to spreading joy and supporting communities that are doing fantastic work,” says Nicole Jansen van Vuuren, marketing manager Toys R Us & Babies R Us SA.

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