Recognising that toys play an important part in a happy childhood, Toys R Us “Trupers” in the Western Cape, made their way to Astra School for the physically disabled in Montana with a generous donation of educational toys. Committed to doing more good deeds in their communities throughout the country, Toys R Us in Tyger Valley responded to a plea from the school for toys and sports equipment. “We are pleased to come to the aid of Astra School in Western Cape and hope our contribution would provide these wonderful children with a toy selection resource that develop skills through the power of play,” says Nicole Jansen Van Vuuren, marketing manager Toys R Us & Babies R Us SA. Toys R Us “TRUpers” is a novel internal campaign launched by SA’s favourite toy retailer which prompts employees to carry out more good deeds in deserving communities and aims to revitalize staff by encouraging a culture of purpose. The team has pledged to support communities or projects or people whom they feel are most deserving, identifying Astra School as one of them. Astra School for children with special educational needs serves approximately 350 physically disabled children and a further 100 with learning disabilities. “Ninety percent of our children come from townships, rural areas or other disadvantaged communities. Fewer than 10% of parents are able to pay school fees and transport costs and are large percentage are unemployed. We are extremely grateful to the Toys R Us team for heading our call for help and assisting our students with the essential development toys and games they need,” says principal Melanie Mabotha. The Toys R Us team’s recent visit brought cheer to the school with their donation of books, plush soft toys, educational games and hula hoops. In addition the team spent quality time engaging with the children at the therapy centre. “Nothing gives us greater joy than giving our time and interacting with the kids, as we get to understand and support their challenges. It was wonderful seeing the children develop their skills and enjoy pure, authentic play just like any other kid", added Jansen Van Vuuren.