Miraculous Ladybug is a superhero made to appeal to all young girls and superhero enthusiasts. Miraculous Ladybug is Marinette, an otherwise regular teenage girl who moonlights as a superhero and fights off bad guys from the streets of Paris. 

She is assisted by her classmate and secret crush Adrien, who also changes into Cat Noir. He helps Ladybug complete her superhero missions. With a growing fan base from young girls all over the world, Miraculous Ladybug is the new poster child for girl power.

There are a number of figurines to showcase Miraculous Ladybug in all her superhero greatness. The 19cm feature figure, where ladybug can perform her signature moves, using her special Lucky Charm superpower, has a suction cup attached to her back so she can be stuck on various surfaces around the house. If you press a special button she jumps through the air.

There is also the 13cm figurine.  Even with its smaller size it is also able to move around in various ways. Each of the characters come with their own accessories and allow you to make up as many games or storylines as you choose.

The Miraculous Fashion Doll range includes Marinette, LadyBug and Cat Noir. Each individually packaged doll includes accessories and multiple points of articulation.

Other exciting toys in the Miraculous Ladybug range include the Ladybug Compact Caller, which is handy for many different reasons on the quest to stop evil in Paris. The Compact Caller allows kids to pretend talk to 9 Miraculous characters including Ladybug herself.  The Caller Compact also has the option to call you back!

With Miraculous Ladybug Light Wheel, girls can play with Ladybug in her rolling ring or by herself. The toy also features lights and sounds. Ladybug’s Light Wheel automatically lights up as it rolls and plays 3 different songs (including the theme song). Ladybug has 4 points of articulation so girls will be able to move her easily when they take her out of the wheel.

This is the perfect range for the child who loves Superheroes. The entire range is suitable for girls aged 4 years and older. Available at Toys R Us stores nationwide.