We were lucky enought to have Maz (Winner of the 2016 African Blogger Awards for Most Influential Personal Blog) from Caffeine & Fairydust review one of Geoffrey's Top Toy Picks of 2017: My Little Pony: The Movie Under Sea Scene Pack .

Here's what she had to say:

Okay… I need to admit something, and I am probably going to have my “90’s kid” badge revoked, but I love the new My Little Pony so much more than the original ones. I know, I know – sacrilege! I can’t help it… I love the Friendship Is Magic series, I LOVE the movies, I love the characters and I absolutely love the story line that actually teaches my kids the importance of friendship and kindness. Yes, it is sickeningly cute, sugary sweet and all that – but I find myself watching the show way after my kids have gone to bed.

Mikayla & Knox are just as obsessed. Mikayla has been an avid fan since the new shows aired a few years ago, and she has been building her My Little Pony toy collection ever since. If I ask her what she wants for Christmas or for her birthday, these cute figurines and play sets are usually at the top of her list. This time, she asked for the My Little Pony Movie – Under The Sea Pack with Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie is one of our favorite characters – mostly because she reminds me so much of my daughter. While she loves all things party related, she is also something that female characters are rarely allowed to be – funny. More than that, she’s goofy, silly and whacky. She is rightly adored by many children – and not just because she is pink, but because she makes them laugh.

This set is from the My Little Pony Movie, where the ponies transform into sea ponies and visit Seaquestria. The set is playful and cute – just like Pinkie Pie. This Pinkie Pie seapony figure has a beautiful mermaid-like tail that can bend and move and her signature cutie mark is printed on her back fin. Clip on her apron and open the seashell-shaped café stand to start the fun! The café stand reveals undersea accessories and cute treats for Pinkie Pie to share with all her pony friends, including starfish shaped sandwiches and milkshakes!

As a tool for imaginative play, this toy is pretty awesome. It has kept the kids busy for hours and they are having so much fun serving the other pony friends with treats from Pinkie Pie’s interactive cafe. I also really like that the Pinkie Pie figure here is depicted as lovable, goofy and excited as her onscreen persona – I have noticed that some MLP toys do not reflect the tone of the vibrant tone of the show.

Pinkie Pie is a character who wants to make people happy, and this set certainly made my kids happy.

The My Little Pony Undersea Scene Pack was chosen as one of Geoffrey’s Top Toy Picks of 2017 – so you know it will make the perfect Christmas present!