Forgot to buy that present and the party is today!
Forgot to top up on nappies – down to your last one?
No time to walk the store looking – let us do that for you…

How does Click & Collect work? 

  1. While browsing our online store, simply select the product(s) you want to purchase from our online store
  2. Go to checkout
  3. You will be prompted to select “Collect My Order” as your method of receiving your order
  4. Please select your collection store
  5. Proceed to payment
  6. The Order will be confirmed once payment is made
  7. You will then receive the following SMS and email from us:
  • We have “Received your order”
  • Order is being "Picked & Packed"
  • Order is "Ready for Collection"
  • Order has been "Collected"

When do I make my way to my selected store to collect my purchase?


  • Only once you received the “Ready for collection “SMS and email, you can make your way to your selected store and collect your Order at the marked collection point in store.


Can I collect my purchase within 2* (two) hours from placing my order?


Whilst we endeavor to use all reasonable efforts to efficiently and effectively process your orders for collection, we require the following conditions to be met to allow the order to be collected within 2 (two) hours from placement of your Order:

  • Order(s) must be placed before 14h00 for same day collection from the selected store; 
  • Order(s) placed after 14h00 will be available for collection the next trading day at your selected store; however 
  • Order(s) placed after 14h00 the day before a public holiday, the Customer must call and confirm with the selected store, its trading hours for collection on the public holiday. Should the store not be opened for whatever reason, the Order(s) will be available for collection on the next trading day. 

How will you communicate me?

We will provide you with timeous feedback throughout the Order process. You will receive, among others, the following information: 


  1. An email and an SMS notification confirming receipt of your Order with a unique order code  
  2. An email and an SMS when we start “Picking & Packing” your Order
  3. An email and an SMS when your Order is “Ready for Collection”
  4. An email and an SMS when your Order has been collected

You may further track your order on your online profile


What is the collection process?


  1. Only once you receive a “Ready for Collection” SMS and email notification you may proceed to your selected store to collect your Order(s). 
  2. Proceed as per the Click & Collect in-store signs to the collection point.
  3. Present the SMS and / or email Unique Order Code as well as your ID and / or driver’s license to the authorised representative of Toys 
  4. If you have nominated on your Order for a third party to collect your Order(s) on your behalf, the unique code SMS and / or email must be forwarded to them and they will be prompted to present their ID and / or driver’s license when prompted by the authorised representative of TRU & BRU. 
  5. Once your identity, or that of the third party is confirmed, you will receive your receipt and the Order(s) will be presented in a clear plastic bag for you and / or the third party to inspect and confirm the contents of your Order(s). 
  6. Once satisfied and the Order(s)confirmed by you and / or the third party, the Order(s) will be repackaged in TRU & BRU branded plastic bags, and you and / or the third party may also make use of our free gift wrapping kiosk. 

What could be possible delays for your Click & Collect order?


  1. While we endeavour to ensure that all Order(s)are processed and available for collection at the earliest possible date and time, this may not always be possible due to any unforeseen circumstances. 
  2. Our Customer Care services will contact you at the earliest possible moment to advise you of any delay. 
  3. You will then have the option to continue with the Order(s)or cancel the Order(s) for a full refund in line with our refund policy. 
  4. We will also provide you with alternative collection points that may be able to assist and expedite the Order(s)for you. 

What are the  exchanges & returns policy for Click and Collect?

As with ordinary purchases, our normal returns process will have to be followed by Click & Collect customers: 


  1. The return must take place within 30 days of purchase of the products. 
  2. You must have an original till slip/receipt.  
  3. The product must be assessed to determine if the item is a factory/manufacturing fault and not damaged through misuse or negligence. 
  4. Once the product is assessed and proven to be a factory / manufacturing fault we may refund or exchange the product. 
  5. Should the product be found to be non-functional due to misuse or negligence, a refund/exchange will not be given. 
  6. If you seek a refund / exchange with no fault or damage to the item, you may exchange the item for a similar item of the same value. 
  7. When the product being exchanged is not due to defect/manufacturing fault, the product(s) must be sealed in its original packaging, unused and not damaged (It must be in a re-sellable condition). 
  8. When you are exchanging items of different values, where the initial item purchased is more than the item being exchanged for or when a refund is done for the difference, the refund will be as per clause 10.9 below. 
  9. As the purchase would have be done via WiCode, only a gift card may be issued as a refund as we will not refund via cash or credit card. 
  10. Due to quality and hygienic risks, the following items are not eligible for exchange or refund: 
  • Used apparel. 
  • Scratched DVD’s or gaming disks. 
  • Maternity Wear (unless is not worn/ sealed in its original condition). 
  • Breast pumps, bottles, teats and dummies (unless these are unopened and the seal is clearly intact – original condition). 
  • Food/ formula – products that have been opened. 

Can I cancel my Click and Collect order?


  1. You may cancel your Order(s) at any time prior to receipt of the Order(s). 
  2. Please call Customer Care services ([email protected]) with an email stating that you want to cancel your order, and we will refund you in the way payment was received online.

If you don't collect your order - How long will we keep your order before we cancel and refund you? 


  1. Once you receive an SMS and / or email stating that your Order is  “Ready for Collection”, your Order will be kept at the designated Click & Collect collection point for a period of 10 (ten) working days from the date of issue of the “Ready for Collection” SMS and / or email. 
  2. We reserves the right, unless authorised otherwise by its Customer Care services, to cancel any Order(s) not collected with a period of 10 (ten) working days from date of “Ready for Collection” SMS and / or email. 
  3. Should we elect to cancel the Order, the purchaser will be offered a gift card to the equivalent value of the purchase. 
  4. Should you require to pick up the Order at a later point, you will have to provide our Customer Care services ([email protected]) with an email with the subject line “Delayed Order Collection – (Customer’s Unique Code)” so that our stores can make the necessary arrangements for collection and not cancel the order after 10 (ten) working days.