Join us this festive season by adding R5 onto your purchase to help Toys R Us

& Babies R Us make dreams come true for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Reach For A Dream for 34 years has been inspiring hope to children facing life threatening illnesses, through the power of a dream. What Reach For A Dream does, goes beyond numbers, measurables, to a deep place of hope, imagination and belief, which is priceless. Through the power of a dream they help inspire hope to children facing their biggest challenge, and their hope is that as they show them that dreams (the impossible) can come true, that a belief and hope in the children grows, that they can face and hopefully overcome their illness. The impact Reach For A Dream has goes beyond the dreamer, to their families, communities, nurses and doctors. It is like each dream is a pebble being thrown into a pond, something small, yet with a profound ripple effect. 

With funds raised through the Christmas campaign, we hope to fulfil dreams for children who are facing life threatening illnesses across South Africa. To show the children we work with the kindness and generosity of Toys R Us and their shoppers. We would love to fulfil between 100 and 200 dreams with funds raised through this campaign. To show these brave and courageous warriors that they are loved, valued and have the right to believe in the power of a dream.


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